If you follow our video updates, you might remember seeing a guy in the video by the name of JP.  JP has been part of our weekly community rhythms for almost a year now.  His full time job is working with a ministry called the Nova Institute.  I am not entirely sure what all they are involved in, but I want to continue on a series of posts to show you what we’ve been learning about the power of partnership.

JP came to me before one of our weekly gatherings in our house.  He mentioned to me how much of what we discuss through NieuCommunities has been inspiring his work with Nova.  He has seen the parallels between our training concepts and real life in the different projects he directs.  That’s always good to hear, but I pushed a little further to find out “HOW”.

NieuCommunities tries to get after leaders to live in a rhythm of communion, community and mission.  Each part of that triad needs the other.  We learn to do those three things more and more as we learn to posture our lives in different ways (listening, submerging, inviting, contending, imagining & entrusting).  This year, so far, we have dialoged about three of those types of posturings.  In his context, he has found that when his project supervisors have practiced listening, it has more deeply empowered the people they are trying to serve.  Those people then take on more ownership and the projects are running more smoothly.

I can’t take any credit for the work that JP is doing, but I think it’s important to see that the relationship between us and JP is paying dividends beyond the context of our community and even further beyond JP’s own doing.  We are the body, and we each play a significant part in the equipping of the WHOLE Church.


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