Uniformity is Killing Us

On Pentecost Sunday, everything got knocked down.  Jesus gave us His Spirit.  (I should end this post here and say, “amen!”).

This year, I was asked to teach at our church, 3rdPlace.  As you can imagine, this kind of message is tricky.  There are many opinions on the subject.  So I decided to invite my friend John in to help me teach on it.  I figured a conversation among friends who are different in lots of ways (theologically, ethnically, nationally, etc…) would help paint a picture I thought would be helpful.

I’m not exactly sure how some of this creeps in, but there always seems to be a drive towards controlled uniformity.  Even our city, name changed from Pretoria to Tshwane, with the logo “we are all the same” has this false & perhaps even poisonous hope creeping into our psyche.   John said it beautifully.  “Our city says ‘We are all the same.  But that’s not true!  And that’s beautiful!”.

We’re not all the same, and I can attest to the many times I have crossed the denominational lines to befriend someone I would consider “off center” only to find that God is much bigger than I had anticipated!  John is one of those friends.  Not just in terms of his skin color, that’s really secondary to the way He’s helped me understand God.  I have come to realize a deep need for my own soul to be connected to a friend like Him.  He inspires me to see God from the other side of the table.  He’s grounded in the Word and He loves with a passion my background doesn’t understand…yet.

If we were all the same, we’d only see about 2% of God.  Uniformity is killing us, and we’ve bought a lie that says it is the same thing as unity.  We need others fully experiencing God so that we can more fully experience God.


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