Dolphins, Spaceships, Monkeys, & Jesus

Last night as I was putting the kids to bed, Keziah started telling me a story.  She claims that Jesus can save dolphins from the rocky shores with a space ship that a monkey flies down.  Jesus apparently picks up the dolphin and the monkey flies them to outer space where heaven is.

Just in case you didn’t know, there you have it!

Piecing this together a bit, a few years ago on a holiday in the Cape, we came across a dolphin on the shore.  Me and several others tried to save it, but it died.  Keziah also recently watched a TV show with a monkey flying a spaceship and helping wildlife (I just re-read that sentence… that’s very weird in itself!).  Of course the last piece of this is the many times we tell the kids about Jesus.

This is a cute example of something I see in coaching relationships.  When I come to a time with one of the guys I’m coaching, there are usually five or six story lines at play.  Usually, if my coachees are bringing it to the table, it’s problematic for them.  It becomes a delicate art to sift through the various story lines and fine the one or two items that God is trying to teach them.  The beauty of coaching though is that God has already given them the lesson.  He has already painted the picture for them.  The beauty at the end is seeing them re-evaluate a seemingly conflicting set of story lines and see God at work in their midst.  They go back into their spheres of leadership seeing the awesomeness of monkeys, dolphins & Jesus… all working together to restore all things to Christ!


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