The Spirituality of Seeping Tea Bags

In the last several months, Natalie has taken up drinking green tea.  Not really sure why she didn’t just opt to take up coffee, but alas… I’ve noticed something about tea that I’ve known for years, but only recently found it interesting.  The longer you seep a tea bag in the hot water, the more flavor is loosened into the water.  It adds flavor.  If you take it out too soon, you just have hot water (this illustration falls apart with the French Press… just sayin…)

I recently came across an interesting devotional entry that says we tend to give up our gold before we fully possess it.  The author was suggesting that in our cultures of spirituality and coaching, we often ask for people to share insights they have gained far before they have fully possessed them.  We’re asked to take the tea bag out before every last bit of flavor has been sucked out of the bag.

For whatever reasons we teachers & coaches do this, we ought to consider not doing that anymore.  I was giving this illustration to an up and coming teacher today and it struck me.  If our primary concern with preaching, teaching, coaching, etc… is true transformation, then we should be ready for a long, slow seep.  It really isn’t impressive to have fewer people seeping at once, but we have witnessed the explosive nature of this spirituality of seeping tea bags.  Jesus seeped twelve guys and gave out some free samples along the way, and thus, the Church was established.

Be okay with fewer seeping tea bags.  I think the more full their flavor, the deeper and wider the epidemic of Jesus will spread.  And while you’re at it, seriously consider switching to a french press over tea.

I love you babe!  You’re my inspiration.


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