Kung Fu Panda-Discipleship Explosion

Catchy title… I want to introduce you to Behr (pronounced “bear”).  He’s one of the 12 Ninjas at the University of Pretoria.  I’m wanting to make myself more available to each of these guys because, frankly, in these short few months I started working with them, I have fallen in love with their enormous hearts and potential.

I asked Behr what he wanted from the Ninjas.  Without blinking, he said to me, “It’s about us being changed by God so we can change the rest of the campus.  Racism is part of that, but there’s a lot more to the life on campus that needs changed.  That only changes when we’re changed.”

He’s 20.

He’s already changing the world.

Being the mediocre coach I am, I followed with the, “and how do we do that Behr?”

He went on to paint a very large picture of exactly how the current Ninjas are at work for the Kingdom on the campus and with some outside encouragement, they could recruit and do even more.  He told me about people coming to Christ because of these 12 guys.  And with a little cheerleading, they could do so much more.




Will explain more of this in later posts.  But you have to know, 12 guys are seeping (see last post) at the moment.  The flava is vibrant and some exciting things are happening down the street.


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