Pyramids and Banquet Tables (1 of 5)

My colleague and community mate (Curtis Love) recently shared an interesting image that has been very helpful for me in addressing some of the questions I posed in my last entry.  The image is that of a pyramid with doors at each level.  This is the image of how society is structured.  Those at the top of the pyramid have access to every door down the side.  If they chose, they can move into the townships and live like kings.  Those at the bottom of the pyramid, however, have access to only the door in front of them.

It’s true.  But that’s not the only picture I see.

I see a journey forming that starts in the pyramid scheme of society but is moving towards the banqueting table of God.  Let’s be honest about this.  The journey God has me personally on, and consequently NieuCommunities South Africa, is a messy journey.  No one can force another person to walk through these questions that God is placing in our hearts, and we aren’t interested in doing that.  But we feel that for us to be honest about our journey with God, both individually and collectively as a community, we must begin to pay attention to many complicated themes in our pyramid society.

To do this, I want to invite you to follow along with me as I do a light reflection over Luke 14.


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