Pyramids and Banquet Tables (2 of 5)

There was an episode of “The West Wing” where the story line had the Mexican economy falling apart.  When one of the aides in the West Wing asked why the US would consider bailing them out the response was, “when you neighbor’s house is on fire, you don’t debate about who gets the hose, you just get the hose.”  In a similar thread, Jesus starts this important chapter in Luke with a similar line of thinking.

Pharisees and lawyers are gathered together on the Sabbath.  Jesus comes to dine with them when a sick man comes before Him.  The Pharisees are watching him closely to see if he breaks the sabbath.  With a sweeping comment, he challenges their spiritualization of NOT helping.

One of the issues that I’m battling through on this journey away from the pyramid towards the table is coming to terms with how I spiritualize NOT helping.  The questions this section raises in me are…

  • Why would I value the life of my own son more than that of another human that God loves even more than I love my own son?
  • When do I over-think the process of helping… to the point of just not helping?
  • What does my NOT helping reveal about my true understanding of my power, privilege, resource, etc…?



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