Pyramids and Banquet Tables (4 of 5)

This is the section of the chapter that has created the most calamity in my soul lately.  Why aren’t the rich sitting at the table?  Why wouldn’t they relax about their possessions and just enjoy the feast?

Because they have the most to lose in the pyramid system of thinking.

Imagine for a moment that they chose to sat at this table.  What’s the worst that could happen?  Well, they might lose everything.  They would be treated the exact same as the poor man.  Why would that be so bad?

There’s a reason why throughout the gospels, we see the poor, sick and destitute flocking to Jesus.  There is an understanding there that could really empower those in the upper levels of the pyramid.  They could see that they don’t have to be slaves to their possessions.  They could see that there is a fullness to life by not striving but rather in sharing.  I want to deal with the middle class questions in the last section of this, but from this section, some of the questions this has raised for me have been…

  • Do I chose to sit at the table or go back to my own controlled world?
  • What am I afraid of in sitting at this particular table?
  • What will I lose and what will I gain at this table, and is that even a helpful question in the first place?



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