Pyramids and Banquet Tables (5 of 5)

I want to end this series of posts with this section on the costs of following Jesus.  I wonder if reading this section of the chapter in line with the other parables actually makes it that much MORE difficult to read in the end.  Jesus in essence is telling us to renounce everything for the sake of following Him.  But following Him into what?

I think Jesus is inviting us into a table way of living.  I’m not just talking about loving the poor, I’m talking about loving humanity as a whole.  I’m wondering if the way I do that is by saying to my “stuff”… “you don’t belong at this table…yet.  I’ll give you a call when WE are ready for you.”

What would happen if I actually acknowledged that my degrees, my nationality, my savings account, etc… were TOOLS for the kingdom, for the whole of the Body and not just for my own progress forward?  What would happen if I laid those things down, entered into friendship with those at every level of the pyramid, and collectively discerned how to best leverage EVERYONE’S God given resources to bring the Kingdom to this place?

I think what would happen is a revolution.

But slow down and let’s talk about the logical next step.  We have the end game: Jesus wins.  But for today… I think the only thing I can do TODAY is lovingly pursue friendships and see how God wants to open those friendships up to do amazing things.  The final sets of questions…

  • How am I pursuing friendships (do I see them as things I can give myself to, or places I can receive from as well)?
  • What kind of pressure do I put on these relationships, and how do I need to back off and let things blossom in time?
  • What would happen if collectively with these relationships we discerned what God wanted to do in our context and use the collective resources to bless everyone else?
  • What does it require of me to sit at this table and what does it require of people at other levels of the pyramid?



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