Accountable for Action

One guiding principle we use in our coaching is that you must leave a meeting with us knowing what you will then go do.  Usually those we coach come up with 3-5 action steps that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bound (SMART).  When we gather for another round of coaching, we usually start by asking about the progress of these goals.

In the words of Dr. Phil, “how’s that working for ya?”

I found it rather odd that the week after I arrived back from my trip to the U.S. that three of the guys I’m in formal coaching relationships with not only gave me updates on their progress, they gave me an evaluation of the last 7 months of work we’ve been doing together.  Each leader represents a network of people that are being impacted with the gospel.  Their progress reported included people coming to Christ, raw conversations with University students around racial tensions that still exist on campuses here, and social projects in the townships that are empowering multiple communities to be uplifted.

Why each of these three individuals happened to share that with me in the same week, I’m really not sure.  When I asked each of them why they thought things were moving this way, the answers were all the same: “we’re accountable for action”.  Each of these leaders have formed community around themselves (a core training element of NC).  In these communities, they hold each other to higher standards than they would left to themselves to serve.  By pushing and prodding our way forward together, the kingdom is coming and is now here more every day.


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