responding to crisis

It has been a roller coaster of emotions since Natalie and two of our kids were robbed last week. As you can imagine, a situation like this unearths deeper issues making the healing process very confusing. I do not believe I have fully regained my footing yet, but there have been glimmers that I needed to write down. This not only for my own healing, but perhaps as a dialog for all of our healing.

In moving towards the one pain of this one event, I’m finding multiple layers of pain. The pain of the two thieves who were desperate to take advantage of a woman with her children. The pains of a society that keep us resorting towards fear and anxiety. The pains of all humanity.

I want to be a person who weeps not because I was wronged but because people who wrong others are wronged themselves. I want to be one who consistently extends the peace of Christ, tearing down my fences as opposed to building them higher. But I am abundantly aware there is no possibility of accomplishing this on my own. In communion God invites me to a community that holds my hands while we move towards the mission of our context. May we continue to pursue peace and weep for those who find comfort in the violence of war in our societies.


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