Question about “Missional”

I taught a bit about this yesterday, so I thought I’d just share some questions with our blog friends.

  • In our drive to be “missional,” how well do we know the hearts and stories of those we’re serving?
  • Out of what motivational space are we serving others?
  • How much guilt do we feel or inflict as it relates to service?
  • How’s your own soul been lately, and please tell me I’m not the first one to ask you that question in 6 months!?!?

If you know me well, you know I cringe at the buzz words of Christianity (it all started with “seeker-sensitive,” now it’s “missional”).  I always feel like the pendulums swing so far to the other sides that we neglect holistic transformation in community with Jesus & other people who follow Him too.

So in case you saw the twitter conversations yesterday, this is where some of that came from.


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