Question on Missional

For months now, I’ve been wanting to write more about this, but felt like it might come across wrong or be misunderstood.  But there has been a growing fear in me about this word “missional” that runs around Christianity.  My fear stems from what I’ve witnessed in America and South Africa, so by no means is it global.  But in these two contexts… I’m concerned.

There’s a sense of pressure that comes from “being missional” that leads us to action oriented tasks.  The more you do, the more connected to the heart of God you must be.  We wear “burnt out” like a badge of honor forgetting that Jesus never got to that point himself.

I read this from a Dutch Reform pastor today that sums up my question, “Develop disciples and see people on mission with God. Get people on mission and what do you get? Are they actually on mission WITH God?” – Attie Nel

My questions go on… do we actually know the people we’re serving or are we actually abusing them for our own sense of accomplishment?  What’s the function of missional projects?  How do we view transformation of our hearts towards God in this age of “being missional”?  If we keep on the path of saying that taking people to projects or on outreach, we will lose what comes in the solitude spaces.  If we stay in the solitude spaces, we lose the going out.  Are we just swinging the pendulum back and forth, or is there actually a holistic way to form ourselves into the image of God.

These are the questions our communities wrestles with.


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