Today marks a major milestone for NieuCommunities.  It was two years ago that I took on the role of directing this community with the hopes that we would become a South African led community.  Part of that milestone was that we go from 75% American/25% South African and make it the other way around.  As our community has grown and other North Americans are answering the call to go elsewhere, Natalie and I are the last remaining North Americans in the community.

Granted, in a few months, we’re inviting a North American intern, and our friend from Canada will be re-joining us after his wedding in Rwanda… but this is a pretty massive point of celebration for us.  God still has a quite a few more markers for us to accomplish in this ultimate transition to South African leadership, but this milestone was one of the more difficult ones.  It has been an amazing journey and the ways South Africans in our community accompany us in our transformation and mission are having deep significance in our journeys with the Lord.

Thank you all so much for your continued love, prayer, and support along this way.  This is yours to celebrate with us!


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