Prayers of Thanksgiving (Update)

This has been a massive year for us, for our community, and for the various ministry partners we have been working with.  People coming to Christ, leaders equipped to sustain in new ministry projects in the city… There is no short supply of amazing stories to share!  As we look to next year, we want to offer this list of thanksgiving prayers to our supporters.

  • Our community is now over 65% African!!!  Many of whom are taking key leadership roles!!!
  • There is a growing sense of closeness growing in this community as we continue to journey together in the ways of Jesus
  • We have had serious interest in the property we own in the Northern suburbs.  We believe God will provide the right scenario very soon!
  • We feel like our ministry partners have become more like trusted friends than simply “working relationships”.  There seems to be a growing love relationship in many areas of ministry throughout the city.


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