Arm Chair Quarterback from South Africa

Sometimes you have to stop blogging about ministry, spirituality and whatever… and get to the REALLY important things in life.


When your team is losing badly, you tend to make lots of rational excuses. I should know right? I’ve been a Cubs fan forever. But Something Bill Polian said (GM of the Colts) that this season has been so funky because you basically lost half your starters on both sides of the football. Excuses? Maybe, but then he said something else. Something to the affect that this season is allowing the team to prepare the depth of the team. That all the injured stars are coming back next year. So we get our starting line up back, a first round pick in the draft, and one of the most intensely prepared backup roster in the game.

Granted, burning the 2011 season just to prepare a team might seem like such a waste in our “win now or get out” world. But maybe there’s something really necessary about losing every game of the season to prepare your backup players to go on and do something remarkable for a longer period of time. Maybe this has been the gift the Colts have needed for several years?

Oh man, I could get really ministerial on this post now… better stop while it’s fun ;).

One last poke to my New England friends… did you see that our 3rd string QB scored more fantasy football points than Brady? I think he was even cut by our 0-12 team earlier this year. Huh. What do you think about them apples? (and I love you too… it’s all in fun 😉 )

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