The Patience of Mary

Since the robbery in October, God has been overwhelming me (Joe) with some uncomfortable revelations of Himself in my life.  Natalie and I have said several times in these past three months that the robbery may have been more of a gift from God than a curse of the fallen world.  I don’t really know about the theology of that, but it’s obvious God uses these moments to take us to deeper places of transformation.

I can’t really go into the depths on this blog as to where I’ve seen my need for resurrection in my life (because it’s embarrassing and far to vulnerable for the internet).  But I thought in light of this Advent season I should share this piece:  There are moments in my life where I feel like God is rather lazy.  If He would just act a little more quickly, then His kingdom would come that much more quickly.  Why doesn’t God do that?

During these last three months, I have intentionally submitted myself under the prayerful support of two older followers of Jesus.  Their prayerful words into my journey have been both incredibly painful to receive and yet utterly transformative (it kinda happens that way every time though right?).  One of the words they gave me was this :

“I realize you feel anxious about the pace of God.  That makes sense.  But for a second, I want you to imagine Mary.  A terrified teenager holding the Son of God in her womb.  God chose to enter the world the same way we all did.  That nine month progression was important for his full submersion into our world.  And Mary waited.  She let Christ grow in her and when the time was right for Him to emerge, He changed the entire world.  What would happen if He had been born pre-maturely in that stable?”

Letting Christ grow in us.  Christ is growing in us, forming in us, and emerges around us in the perfect moments.  When He does, it usually blows our expectations.  We’ve experienced that, we know that, but for whatever reason we lose it so quickly.

This advent season is reminding me again to wait as Christ is formed inside.  The invitation is deep and the hope is wide.  Blessed Advent season everyone!

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