Flag Planting

Some days I just get on my face and thank God for letting me work with Him here.  After a thirty minute conversation with two young leaders here, we agreed to invite them into our community for a season.  The hope is that during their time with us, they will be launching another community somewhere else in Pretoria, taking what they learn and multiplying the movement.

Then I got sad.

“So would this be a NieuCommunities thing, or could we call ourselves our own thing?” He asked me.  I sat up and told him it’d be a Kingdom thing and whatever it took to help them reach their friends for Jesus is what we would commit to doing.

  • Why are we more concerned about spreading our flags (the new version of colonization?) than empowering people to reach people?
  • Who do we want to see win?
  • Why is our status in the world more important than helping other people climb on our shoulders so they can go further than we could?

Just a few points of observation that got under my skin today.  Maybe this is a little blunt or possibly too harsh, but it’s worth checking ourselves on.

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