Running Backwards

Many times in ministry, I have found myself looking at what needs fixed.  Perhaps that’s the male problem, or maybe it’s a misguided understanding of real leadership (or maybe just both).  I have been convicted lately that far too often I fail to celebrate the things that God has done in my life, in our family’s life, in our community’s life, and in ministry that happens outside of Nieu Communities.  Rather than celebrating where God has brought us, I often catch myself looking for the next thing to tackle.  In reflection, I have come to the conclusion that I do this because of a warped mindset of a preferred future I really don’t understand.

The Jews were the masters of what I wish to seek after in my life.  They were master story tellers… tellers of the past.  They celebrated the things God did SO well.  “They moved into the future by walking backwards” (thanks Pierre for your brilliance).  So what would change if we did that?

As I’ve shared before, I recently started a project we are terming “3rd Word” with the church 3rd Place.  The project is basically a marriage between Nieu Communities and a local faith community for the purpose of apprenticing people in the way of Jesus (like we do day after day in our work with Nieu Communities).  We start our third section tonight, and I must tell you, there is SO much to celebrate… and so much ahead of us!

In our community, we are moving through some necessary conversations to mend relationships.  God is bringing healing to Nieu Communities and providing new life for future efforts.  There is so much to celebrate… and so much ahead of us!

God is tightening our family’s relationship and giving us more and more rootedness in our new home.  We have a home!  There is SO much to celebrate… and so much ahead of us!

I believe that God HAS done the work necessary for a preferred life.  I believe that God IS giving that life to us more every day.  I believe that God WILL redeem all things.  The preferred future was there, now, and then.  My focus must remain on what I have known and what I can know right now.  God holds all things and moves all things towards Himself.

May you join us in a full on sprint to the future as you continue to reflect on the past.  Celebrate the forward motion by remembering what you’ve been brought through thus far!