Sprinklers in the Sky

Tonight, me and some friends went to distribute blankets to some folks having to stay out on the streets tonight.  I met a fellow named Peter.  I don’t like this story.

Peter took me by my hand and led me to the side of the building he and some friends were sleeping by.  Pointing to the sky, he began telling me about how the owner of the bicylce shop there had rigged up a series of sprinklers in the trees.  Every night, at various parts of the evening, the owner goes out and turns the sprinkers on these people sleeping under the security lighting of the shopping area.  This is done in an attempt to remove them from this section of the sidewalk.

I held the hand of a beautiful human tonight who is fighting for work every day only to be greeted by rediculous sprinkler systems in the sky.  My understanding of sprinklers was that they were for the lawn…