Church in the Foster Home

Several months ago, one of the churches we connect with in Pretoria launched a very exciting initiative.  We call it “Family Trip”.  The idea was to start a church with our kids and incorporate all of our family in the process.  No childcare workers needed for this one.  It’s an all hands on deck opportunity.  It’s a brilliant way to assist parents in the spiritual upbringing of their kids and really challenges the adult consumeristic tendencies.  One of the hardest church planting projects I have ever been part of.

After a while of trying this out at the church’s space, we realized we were in the wrong environment.  Enter our beloved friend and Afrikaaner Mother Teresa, Lina du Plessis.  She’s my dear friend Pierre’s mother.  She’s been the house mother at ReConnect Foster home for many years now and was busy bringing the kids with her to the space as we were launching this new effort.  When we found ourselves needing a more homey environment, she offered the foster home.

So for the last several months, we’ve been having church with some of the most beautiful kids in their home.  The hospitality they offer us is like nothing you can manufacture.  Even in the midst of their pain (HIV, lost parents, etc…) they just get Jesus.  All of the kids… they pastor us more than I think we pastor them.

I’m not one to push models, but for whatever this is worth, doing life in community with my kids… I just don’t want to do it any other way now.  I want to bring them up in the way they should go WITH my community.  It’s why Ezra will start sitting in on some of NieuCommunity’s gatherings next year (until mom kicks him off to bed).  He won’t understand everything, but neither do I sometimes ;).  But you would be surprised how NOT understanding leads to other conversations.

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