Body Parts

Boxing is such a unique sport.  What appears as a ruthless brawl is a delicate and strategic dance.  One dancer jabs, the other ducks.  All the while, you look for opportunities to throw the lethal mix of the one-two punch.  Right hook coupled with left jab could win you the fight.

We believe the Church can learn much from this melodic display of agility and force.  When we joined Church Resource Ministries almost four years ago, I was introduced to this article by Ralph Winter.  I thought it would be helpful to post here because of some recent conversations I have been having with pastors at local churches (what Winter terms as “modalic structures”).

Before you read this, here would be my preface…

  • Why it is important: I struggle to understand why various ministries (“sodalic”) and local churches (“modalic”) try to cater to every need around them.  We become bloated trying to cater to every single need in our cities.  This article gives helpful language for the power of collaboration I was discussing in our last post.
  • What he is suggesting & NOT suggesting: He is NOT suggesting that one is better than the other.  There is sort of one-two punch that when applied in sync, can do a lot of good for the Kingdom of God in a city.  When we begin to view ourselves as needing to hold both functions all in one organization, we really miss out on opportunities to see the Kingdom grow.
  • How the Kingdom of God has grown historically: I like how Winter draws on the historical lessons from the Church.  It helps us to see how God has worked in the past 2000 years and what might be similar in our cities today.  It’s at least worth discussing.
  • What if deep partnership is possible: As you’ve picked up in our other post, I am a big advocate for Kingdom collaboration.  I have found that it lets our community be super focused on what God is asking us to do.  It helps other organizations NOT do things we are good at so they can get super focused on what they’re good at.  It’s nice when we all play well together.  Lives get changed and the Kingdom grows.

One-two punch.  When this is done in sync, watch out!

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