The Disciple Project : coming soon

You may remember my friend Travis from past blogs/updates.  Recently, Travis and his fiance Maike decided that they wanted to serve Jesus using their gifts and talents in a unique contribution.  They are photographers by trade and decided they would start a documentary project called “the Disciple Project”.  The idea is to photograph anyone that would want to be photographed, get their story and post it on the website.  All of this is to show that disciples of Jesus come in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.  Some are tatooed, some are pierced, some are young, old, etc… All of this to help break down the false stereotypes of Christians in the the World.

The website will be launched this month here.  We’re all very excited to see how God is using our friends in what they love and do everyday.  There’s so much to be said about this simple act of faith… I simply had to share it!


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