Prison Walk

I was sitting back thinking about the way God is making connections and how NieuCommunities is really exploding right now (though somewhat slower than I would have thought).  Today, Chris and I (one of our community mates) went with the Pure Hope crew to check out a youth prison.  Pure Hope is seeking to do more work in the prison setting and asked us to come along to see how we might be able to help form a leadership training ministry in the prison.

My jaw hit the floor.

One of the women we were working with today, introducing us to some of these young men, began explaining how these men are coming to Christ and are being released from prison taking the gospel in their back pockets.  They’re taking revival back to their homes and neighborhoods.  Let me tell you, THIS IS MENTORING AND SENDING SOUTH AFRICANS AT ITS CORE!!!

But more than just a rad experience today, I think what gets me the most right now is how Pure Hope and us are really dancing well together.  They really catch our DNA and we’ve really caught theirs.  It really is a match made in heaven.  Albeit, there’s still some of those awkward first year of marriage moments where we’re still trying to figure each other out… God’s blowing up some massive opportunities for us together.

So what’s the game plan?  We don’t have that sorted yet, but the least I know right now, is that I’ll be working with the Pure Hope team in making a plan to mentor and send some of the leaders within this prison.  I had a great conversation with two of the teammates on the long way out (long walk to freedom 😉 ).  I think they were both excited about what they could begin offering in that context.

What’s unknown to me is how much NieuCommunities folks can be a presence there.  We’re praying and discerning how we could compliment the work we’re doing through Pure Hope and help build sustainability into the system there.  We’ve been told that if this could work well in this prison, there’d be a chance to influence processes in other prisons as well.  We (meaning the family of ministries we’ve become part of in Pretoria) desperately need a foot in this scene.  Please pray for wisdom and discernment as we navigate yet another amazing opportunity!


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